Must Hurry, For I think There’s a Hole In My Bucket List.

Apr 17 0

I have always loved to travel: in fact, right now I am on the delightful island of Nusa Penida. As a wanderer, I believe that, if I haven’t used my passport at least three times in a calendar year I am seriously failing at my quest to see as much as I can in the […]

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To All Of Those Who hate Airports. This One Might Just Change Your Mind.

Apr 11 0

As a travel writer I get to travel a lot, (funny that!) meaning I spend quite a bit of my life hanging around in airport terminals. In many cases this is the downside of getting from point A to Point B as, on the whole, airports really, really suck!  However there is one, where even […]

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Visiting Washgington? What A capital Idea!

Apr 10 0

I love Washington; it’s a vibrant, elegant, and beguiling city that oozes charm, history, culture and sophistication and, if you let it, it will capture your heart the moment you arrive. Most visitors to the capital normally stay only two to three days and often that is barely enough time to see everything of note […]

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Oh Kolkata! One Of India’s Most Vibrant Cities.

Mar 31 0

“From where I sit, I can see the old lighthouse in the High Court Campus. It’s a rather “telling structure, ”pleasant to look at, as if it almost belongs to the country. The GPO on the other hand strikes rather a false note, as it is too European altogether”. Mark Twain. On my frequent travels […]

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