Zimbabwe. A Country Where Hope Has All But Disappeared.

Sep 2 0

In July, I once again had the privilege of re- visiting my beloved Africa, only this time I found that it was a slightly sobering experience. A pessimistic mood seems to be hover over South Africa like a dark and sinister cloud. That country, once a beacon of immense hope has somehow slipped into a […]

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I Never Sang For My Father

Aug 21 0

The title for this piece is attributed to Robert Anderson who wrote the melancholy play of the same title. I buried my father a few years ago. Buried is perhaps too loose a term as his body had already been reduced to ashes by the time I had returned ‘home’ to pay my last respects. For some […]

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Chefchaouen, Morocco’s Jewel In The Rif Mountains.

Aug 12 0

This is the second article to appear on beBEE covering Chefchaouen this year.  Nicole Leigh West‘s  excellent piece, “Kif in the Rif” summed up exactly why this town is a must for any traveller. I was  recently commissioned by Arabian Airlines to do a piece on this magical place and I hope this  article lives up to Nicole’s […]

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Wandering The Shifting Sands Of The Namib, The World’s Oldest Desert.

Jul 12 0

It’s just on 5.00 am. As I leave the comfort of my hotel room in pitch darkness, a crescent moon hangs low, like a scimitar on the horizon, its light almost no match for the billions of stars that pepper an inky black  sky. The only sound is a  plaintive yip, yip from a lone jackal wandering […]

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