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Hurrah! Enid Blyton’s Kids Adventures, with lashings of cream and a healthy dose of sexisim.

Oct 4 4

Last week I found myself in a charming second hand bookshop. You know the one, the small entryway, a door one has to physically open ( complete with tinkling bell) and once inside, the intoxicating aroma of old books fills the nostrils. In my travels down the aisles, I came across the complete hardback series […]

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Lust online. Pornography’s not so secret weapon.

Sep 12 3

Yesterday, while flying home from Sydney, I filled my time reading Greg  Callaghan’s article in the Australian on the growth and accessibility of on line pornography and its place in society. This got me to thinking, as I munched  my on- board,  overpriced sandwich, as  Mr Callaghan’s musings on the  the industry were indeed spot […]

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When a decent book burning ceremony might do the trick

Sep 1 2

This Morning I read an amusing article in the Sydney Morning Herald about the press conference at the Opera House to launch the Just for Laughs comedy festival. As an event it was a PR person’s worst nightmare given the inability of any the microphones to do their assigned job. The interviewees , John Cleese […]

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Whats Good For The Goose…….

Aug 27 1

Over the last two weeks I have been gripped by the saga surrounding  Craig Thompson, Honourable Member for Dobell. To those who have missed this addictive soap opera , perhaps its time to tune in as I have a feeling the writers are planning to make the next few episodes  explosive. For the late comers. […]

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