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Far from the Madding Crowd; Finding The Perfect Sanctuary in India.

Jul 30 0

Incredible India; a place of fabulous wealth and desperate poverty, famine and pestilence, a country of a thousand religions and a million gods, the birthplace of human speech, mother of history, a place of tigers and elephants of deserts and jungle, the cradle of the human race. It is a land that all desire to […]

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I Can Read The Writing On The Wall. In Search Of Jogjakarta’s Vibrant Street Art

Apr 22 3

  I am in Jogjakarta in central Java seeking street art. Most visitors to this, Indonesia’s cultural hub head for the attractions that ‘Jogja’ is famous for, the Batik markets, the numerous art galleries, the dancers at the Sultans palace or any one of the prolific music venues. Not I, for I have an altogether […]

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Won’t You Please ‘Like Me’. I’m feeling A Little Neglected.

Mar 23 2

  Lately I ponder about the merits of Facebook, LinkedIn, Pint rest, About me, Twitter and all the other sites out there who carry that little button whereby I invite people I don’t know, and will probably never meet to “like me.”   However, now that I have tasted being liked I check regularly, well […]

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Speaking In Tongues. The Trials And Tribulations Of learning A New Language.

Mar 6 1

  Salamat Pagi. I have just finished my first Indonesian lesson at a well-regarded language school here in Bali, and quite frankly I found it mentally exhausting!   As I base myself here for up to ten months a year to supposedly write a book, I have found it increasingly necessary to try and learn […]

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