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Looking For Lionel ( a Short Story )

Oct 10 3

Australians have an unusual tradition in pubs and clubs across the nation . On any given Sunday, some fellow will wander through the assembled masses carrying a large tray encouraging the drinkers to try their luck by purchasing a raffle ticket.  The tray encased in clear plastic wrap holds an array of meat cuts to […]

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When words fail, there’s always the gift of writing.

Sep 26 6

Last week, I found myself in a restaurant, waiting for a friend to join me. While sitting there I couldnt help being privy to a conversation happening at the table next to mine.   What was transpiring was obviously the culmination of financial transaction as, after the pin striped suited gentlemen, obviously satisfied with the […]

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Welcome To The Lucky Country….If You can Afford It.!

Jun 28 2

I have just returned from a trip to Europe. I was rather apprehensive when we left as once there we would be a family of four traveling to Ireland, France and a week in London. The worry was all about money and the terror of even going out and spending pounds and Euros was daunting […]

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love a sunburnt country – but the stupidity can be hard to stomach.

Apr 14 3

Is it just me? OK, I know nothing about money. But I look at the biggest mining boom in history and the talk of a sovereign fund to soak up the excess. Then I look at the $4.5 billion budget ”hole” and how – oh, sorry – we won’t actually be funding that medical research, […]

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I was born in the splendid city of Bath in the UK. My parents dragged me to Africa – a continent I was once told “was not for sissies”... Read More


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