To Those Of You Who Use Freelancers, Please Don’t Take The Prefix, “Free,”Too Literally.

Mar 15 0

 The English language is funny in the way that words come and go. Some words have their time in the sun then simply disappear without a trace while others seem to stick around. One of them, Freelancer, has endured for nearly two hundred years and spawned a thriving community, that of the millions of FREELANCERS. About […]

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North East India, The Land That Time Almost Forgot.

Mar 11 0

I am standing on the main road that snakes its way, via a series of tight hairpin bends through the city of Kohima, capital of one seven ‘sister states’ of North East India, Nagaland. Situated as it is, amongst the deep valleys and towering hills of the region, flat terrain here is a luxury and […]

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An Indonesian Catastrophe: A Man- Made Mud Bath.

Feb 21 0

I am standing thirty five meters up, on top of a huge dyke, just a short, thirty minute drive from Indonesia’s second largest city Surabaya. This massive dyke stretches ten kilometers either side of me and I am looking out over one of the largest environmental catastrophes that the world has ever seen; yet nobody […]

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Ascending Ever Closer To Heaven.

Feb 7 0

It is just on 4.00 am and I have climbed to the highest point of Borobudur, a 9th-century  monument in Magalang central Java Indonesia the world’s largest Buddhist temple. Along with a few other intrepid early- risers I have braved the morning chill and sit in the pre- dawn darkness waiting for the sun to rise and, […]

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